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Trimdon Station Church



The present building opened on the 18th December 1992. At that the church had a membership of approximately 45. Around 5 years ago the church was down to 5 regular worshipper, but since the opening of the 'Drop in'there are about 12 people coming regularly to Sunday worship from this.

Although we are a small Church, we are very friendly group and extend a warm welcome to all.

For further information about the church or baptisms/weddings/funerals please contact the Rev. Christopher Wood-Archer on 0191 377 0230


Sunday worship: starts at 3pm each Sunday.

Monday Fellowship: 2p.m. followed at 2.30 to 3p.m. by Bible Study every alternate week.

Tuesday Drop-in. For Prayer and devotion from 9.30 to 11.30a.m.