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links for further information about Methodist Churches and Church based organisations

The Methodist Church UK

The official Methodist Church website.

Darlington Methodist District

The official website for the Darlington Methodist Church

Action for Children

Our vision is a world where all children and young people have a sense of belonging and are loved and valued. A world where they can break through injustice, deprivation and inequality to fulfil their potential, shape their own destiny and experience the joy of life.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid is a Christian organisation that insists the world can and must be swiftly changed to one where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty. We provide urgent, practical and effective assistance where need is great, tackling the effects of poverty as well as its root causes.

Grange road Methodist church

The official Grange Road website.

The Methodist Diaconal Order

The official website for the Methodist Diaconal Order in Britain

The Boys Brigade

The official web-site of the Boys Brigade in the U.K.

Westbourne Boys Brigade

The official web-site the 8th Hartlepool company of the boys brigade based at Westbourne Methodist Church